Update: Senator Bell Hearing concerning application of aquatic herbicides

Watts Bar Lake Aerial Shot

To: WBEFC Board Members, ERB, Roane County Commission
From: Dr. Tim Joseph, WBEFC Chairman
Subject: Senator Bell Hearing

All: I am providing “My” perspective on the results of the Senator Bell’s hearing in Nashville which took place on the 15th. First, I want to thank those Council members who took their time to come to the hearing, and I wish to specially thank Martha Culverhouse for addressing the committee at the end, for she added the recreational impacts—you did a great job Martha.
In summary, again from “MY” perspective only, all our time and effort was a complete waste. Let me explain. During my presentation, Senator Bell stated that there never was any intent to completely ban application of aquatic herbicides. That being said, everything we presented will do nothing to foster “Control” of the invasive weeds. In fact, the bill will only “Protect” the invasive mats.
Here are the points I took away from the summary comments made by Senator Bell. If any of you who attended see something I missed, or I am misinterpreting, please don’t hesitate to let me/us know “Your” thoughts. It is clear to me the bill will have several pieces of legislation that only protect and enhance the spread of invasive aquatic weeds.

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2 thoughts on “Update: Senator Bell Hearing concerning application of aquatic herbicides”

  1. I have just now sent a polite email to Mike Bell.
    Our family has had a cabin on the lake since the 60s. If we do not have our slough sprayed, we will no longer be able to get our boat out to the main channel.
    I cannot fathom this.
    Tourism would suffer greatly and many people would probably start selling their cabins if we can no longer use our boats. I do not understand the sense in this.
    Would a petition of cabin owners help at all?

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