An Organization Built on Commitment

two men with trash bagsPurpose

The Watts Bar Lake Association is organized exclusively to provide education to interested individuals or groups concerning the use of the lake, to monitor water quality and conservation of the lake’s natural resources, under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


The Mission of the Watts Bar Lake Association is to maintain, support, and protect the rights of lake property owners and lake users, provide educational services, and encourage and promote good and practical stewardship of Watts Bar Lake, including its ecology, water quality, resource management.


Regular membership is open to residents and land owners in Meigs, Roane and Rhea counties.  Meetings of the general membership are held biannually. Special meetings may be called as required.

Board of Directors

The business and affairs of the association are managed by a Board of Directors. There are eleven (11) Directors of the Association (2 vacancies), each having a seat on the Board, including a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The board is required to have at least one member from each of Meigs, Roane and Rhea counties. The Board meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month. Members are welcome to attend any board meeting. Current members of the board of directors are as follows:


  • President

    Roger Hinsdale (423) 452-0428
  • Vice President

    Harry Smiley (803) 640-7870 (Cell)
  • Secretary

    Andy Holmbeck (865) 801-6112 (Cell)
  • Treasurer

    Betsey Webb (513) 378-5508 (Cell)


  • Gene Corcoran (423) 413-6529
  • Lee Franz (248) 462-9332
  • Peter Giroux (404) 304-1115
  • Amy Wissmiller-Murray (480) 287-4287
  • Dan Uhler (423) 452-0951

Guest / Members

  • (G) Adam Cosby Rhea Co. Sheriff – (water patrol)
  • (M) Gray Cowart (423) 365-2804
  • (G) Scott Ledford, o) (865) 632-1326, Lenoir City – TVA
  • (M) Bill Ruffner (423) 365-2708