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Educate | Advocate | Celebrate

The Watts Bar Lake Association was created in 1998 with a grand mission!

We wanted to serve our lovely lake community in three ways; Education, Advocation, and Celebration. We educate on safety, current events, and ecology. We advocate for state and federal resources that help keep our lake healthy and enjoyable. We celebrate our lakes beauty and the community around it by hosting cleanups and events. 

Upcoming Events

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2022 Winter Cleanup

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Fall Meeting

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Arrowhead Resort
261 Bennett Drive
Spring City, TN 37381
Telephone: (423) 365-6484

Bayside Marina & RV Park
134 Bayside Drive
Ten Mile, TN
(865) 898-1993

Blue Springs Marina
3952 River Road
10 Mile, TN 37880
(865) 376-7298

Euchee Marina
200 Euchee Ln
Ten Mile, TN 37880
(423) 334-1004