Asian Carp


Wade White, War on Carp Founder

“War on Carp” was a campaign aimed at raising awareness and support for efforts to reduce the population and spread of invasive carp in Kentucky and Tennessee waters, specifically Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.

Founded in 2018 by Judge Executive Wade White of Lyon County, KY, who now sits on the board of the Tennessee Valley Authority, White has been a vocal advocate for protecting the region’s fishing, boating, and tourism industries from the impacts of invasive carp.

Since its inception, War on Carp has been instrumental in securing state and federal funding for various control projects and subsidies.

In 2023, Wade White and Wildlife Forever came together to give new life to the program. Citizen Carp Control boasts refreshed branding and seeks to provide public education and resources to engage with government and industry in the continued efforts to stop the spread of invasive carp.

Citizen Carp Control looks to capitalize on the successes of War on Carp and build further momentum in securing further subsidies for commercial harvest and removal of invasive carp to conserve biodiversity and recreational opportunities.