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Homeowners along TN River concerned about changes in aquatic vegetation management

by Bliss ZechmanThursday, January 3rd 2019 DECATUR, Tenn. — Homeowners along the Tennessee River might be limited in how much they can clean the water near their properties. Bliss Zechman explains why people are upset by the plan and why

Tenn. Senator Studies New Law to Manage Aquatic Vegetation on Area Lakes

By Richard Simms -November 27, 2018 NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Most fishermen just call it “grass.” Others refer to it as “milfoil” (although that is just one species of many). Scientific types called it “aquatic vegetation,” while most dock owners refer

Update: Senator Bell Hearing concerning application of aquatic herbicides

Watts Bar Lake Aerial Shot

To: WBEFC Board Members, ERB, Roane County Commission From: Dr. Tim Joseph, WBEFC Chairman Subject: Senator Bell Hearing All: I am providing “My” perspective on the results of the Senator Bell’s hearing in Nashville which took place on the 15th.

Lots of tall tales about Watts Bar Lake weeds

from Roane County News A lot of theories about what’s going on with aquatic plants this year on Watts Bar Lake have been brought to light on social media. TVA officials report they’ve heard a number of rumors — from

WBEFC – Presentation

A message from the WBEFC Dear WBEFC Stakeholders, The Watts Bar Ecology and Fishery Council is sponsoring an educational presentation regarding the impacts the invasive aquatic plant incursion is having on the fishery and ecology of Watts Bar Lake. I

Freezing temps could affect lake weed growth

By Hugh Willett Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 10:00 pm (Updated: January 18, 10:00 pm) Sub-freezing winter temperatures around Watts Bar Lake may help reduce the growth of invasive aquatic plants in the spring. “This severe cold period will go

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Fall Picnic and Member Meeting

Fall Annual Picnic and Member Meeting The Watts Bar Lake Association would like to thank all of the members who attended the annual fall picnic at the Watts Bar Dam Pavilion. Timothy Joseph of the Watts Bar Ecology and Fishery

TVA herbicide treatment in public areas-July 2017

Nickajack Reservoir Herbicide Treatment Schedule July 10th-14th , 2017 Shellmound Recreation Area – Ramp, pier, and swimming beach Nickajack Cove – Cole City ramp and pier; Mapleview ramp and swim area Haletown Ramp – Ramp and pier Bennett Lake –

Invasive water plants causing problems on Watts Bar Lake

Invasive water plants causing problems on Watts Bar Lake by Steve Ahillen Dr. Brett Hartis, TVA Aquatric Plant Management Specialist, speaks about aquatic invasive plant species management. Too many water plants can really mess up a lake. Brett M. Hartis’

Hi-Tech Solution To Aquatic Weed Monitoring

Hi-Tech Solution To Aquatic Weed Monitoring Friday, June 16, 2017 – byScott Fiedler TVA’s Dr. Brett Hartis is a man with a mission: to control aquatic weeds, which can overtake TVA reservoirs. Now he’s using the latest digital technology to