Letter from WBEFC – Silver Carp Migration

All: Please see the Senator-STRAWMAN LETTER and information from the TWF.

$25 million has be allocated to the silver carp problem, but it is clear from what I heard on the TWF Conference call, the “Majority” will be spent on reducing numbers in destroyed lakes and not on stopping migration to carp-free lakes. The spending priority must be changed to protecting the five beautiful carp-free lakes here in East Tn. We need a major campaign to make the PROTECTION of our lakes the TOP PRIORITY. Destruction can be prevented, but will it happen? Only if everyone gets involved and we get support from government officials at all levels. Sadly, apathy seems to reign, thus I have my doubts.


Please join this important effort and do your part in protecting our wondrous lakes for our children, grandchildren, and their kids.

Information and a draft/straw-man letter is provided below.


Thanks all



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