Aquatic plants a pain for lakefront dwellers

From RCN – By Damon Lawrence

Friday, October 7, 2016 at 12:14 am (Updated: October 7, 12:30 am)

Some Roane County residents are seeing their once-pristine lakefronts turn into an underwater nursery.
They’re not happy about it, either.

“If you bring somebody down here to show them lake property and this is out here, I guarantee you, it’s going to have an impact,” Ellis Road resident James D. Stout said.

The culprits are aquatic plants, such as hydrilla, spiny-leaf naiad and milfoil.

“We’ve seen an increase in aquatic plants pretty much valleywide over the past few years,” said Brett Hartis, program manager of TVA’s Aquatic Plant Management Program.

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