Month: January 2018

Freezing temps could affect lake weed growth

By Hugh Willett Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 10:00 pm (Updated: January 18, 10:00 pm) Sub-freezing winter temperatures around Watts Bar Lake may help reduce the growth of invasive aquatic plants in the spring. “This severe cold period will go a long way toward reducing the re-emergence of some invasive aquatic plant species,” said Tim …

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TVA-Proposed Floating Cabin Amendments

PUBLIC NOTICE PHASE I – FLOATING CABINS RULE AMENDMENTS TVA proposes to amend regulations governing floating cabins on the Tennessee River and its tributaries. The proposed “Phase I” amendments would re-define nonnavigable houseboats and floating cabins using one term—“floating cabins”—and prohibit new floating cabins after December 16, 2016. The proposed amendments also include limited mooring …

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