The Silver Carp Report – WBEFC


The Silver Carp Threat Report is now available through a link to the WBEFC website.

These fish are the most serious and REAL threat to our lakes that has ever risen. It must not be downplayed or ignored. Every person who loves the TN river lakes must know the facts and get onboard to stop the silver carp. If we don’t get enough folks to shout loudly, say goodbye to everything good about these lakes. Silver Carp are in Barkley and probably in Guntersville and moving this way fast.

Please get on board to help stop the silver carp from reaching our lakes. You can help by first doing two things:

  1. Log on the WBEFC.ORG (Watts Bar Ecology and Fishery Council website), click on “Contact” and fill out the short form. There is NO cost for becoming a stakeholder in the ecological/fishery health of the TN River system. You will get only a few emails during the year which will be updates and new information on the status of the silver carp movement, and notices about meetings and presentations.
  2. Please forward the link to everyone who loves and uses the lake and get them onboard also:
  3. I have developed a detailed PowerPoint presentation on how invasive species (plants and the silver carp) will devastate the ecology, fishery, recreation, and economic engine of the yet unaffected lakes of the TN River. I offer this to any group of over 25 individuals. The presentation is approximately 45 minutes in length and explains the science behind the ecological threat/devastation and what can be done to prevent it. If you would like the presentation, please contact me:

Thank You
Dr. Tim Joseph