Fall Meeting & Newsletter

Our fall meeting will be held on Saturday, August 26th at 6:00 PM. The location is the Kingston City Park:

339 W Race St., Kingston, TN 37763

We are very excited to see you there and share our plans as we move forward and grow.

Please feel free to invite friends and family, especially those who may have recently moved to Watts Bar!

Special Guest Speakers

A Quick Message From Our President

We are officially back in business! In this issue, I would like to introduce myself as your new president and fire you up enough to get you involved in some aspect of our association and the support of Watts Bar Lake (WBL).

My name is Lee Franz, I have been a Board Member since 2017 and have lived on WBL since the spring of 2016. I am very passionate about keeping WBL as beautiful and healthy as possible. WBL provides so much enjoyment for us and a beautiful ecosystem for the wildlife. We are very fortunate to live on or near such a beautiful healthy lake. 

I would like to thank all the members who have renewed their membership or will renew their memberships. Our membership after COVID was zero in 2022! So, your support in returning is very much needed and appreciated. I also, want to thank the new Board of Directors and Officers for their time and efforts. Everyone has been working together to support the activities WBLA has provided and committed to in the past. The Directors pulled off the Spring Clean-up and the Kids Fish Free Day like they were seasoned experts! Well done! 

As the new President of WBLA, my area of concentration is to increase our membership to pre-COVID years and to educate the membership on environmental activities and concerns for the lake’s health. Memberships can be completed easily on our website. Beginning 2024, the annual dues will increase to $20 per membership. My hope is to get our members involved with agencies managing the lake, such as TVA, TWRA, and our legislative decision-makers. As Stake Holders we need to let the decision makers know we are here to help support them and we are impactful. 

I hope this helps you find some educational news and keeps you in the know of some current events on Watts Bar Lake. 

I am asking you to become a Member of the Watts Bar Lake Association Today! It is important that we increase our membership to show decision makers that WE THE STAKE HOLDERS and concerned lake users of WBL will vote, and we want Watts Bar Lake taken care of for generations to come.


Please renew your membership through the website, or at the Spring Meeting. Dues are:

  • $15 per voting person

  • $30 for 2 Head-of-Household members (2 votes)

Join Online

Noteworthy Watts Bar Lake News & Events

TVA is planning on performing a field study starting September 2, 2023 ending September 3, 2023 and will have tire floats (with flashing lights) deployed across the Watts Bar Lock at Tennessee River Mile 529.3.

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of electric barriers in preventing the movement of silver carp, an invasive fish species that poses a threat to native fish and boaters.

Board of Directors

  • President: Lee Franz, 2 year term ends 2024, 865-399-7665

  • Vice President: Harry Smiley, 2 year term ends 2024, 803-640-7870

  • Secretary: Matt Murphy, 2 year term ends 2024, 423-834-2517

  • Treasurer: Andrew Esser, 2 year term ends 2024, 317-509-2793 

  • Digital Marketing Officer: Amanda McShera, 1 year term ends 2023, 423-435-6955 


  • Peter Giroux, 1 year term ends 2023, Clean-up Leader, 404-304-1115 

  • Ray Lehrman, 1 year term ends 2023, Kids Fish Free Meal Manager, 509-947-1478

  • George Murphy Jr, 1 year term ends 2023, 423-365-0991 

  • Amy Murray, 2 year term ends 2024, 480-287-4287 

  • Jonathan Roberts, 2 year term ends 2024, 423-452-7569 

  • Betsy Webb, 1 year term ends 2023, 513-378-5508, Treasurer Assistant 

    Additional contacts and resources: 

  • TWRA Crossville Region 3 office, 931-484-9571

  • Mike Jolly Reservoirs 931-456-3075 

  • Our website

  • TVA WBL Health reports

  • Jerry Rasmussen Video on Invasive Carp

  • War on Carp

  • TWRA on Alabama Bass

  • Watts Bar Lock (423) 334-3522

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