In February 2016, TVA completed an environmental review of the management of floating houses and nonnavigable houseboats mooring on TVA reservoirs. The review was initiated in April 2014 out of concern for safety, sanitation, water quality and fair use of public lands and reservoirs.
Floating houses are a modern version of the pre-1978 nonnavigable houseboats. Floating houses are considered to be structures designed and used primarily for human habitation rather than for the primary purpose of recreational boating or water transportation.

“Nonnavigable houseboat” is the term found in TVA’s regulations that refers to early-era floating houses that existed on TVA reservoirs when TVA amended its regulations in 1971 and 1978. At that time, TVA grandfathered and issued permits to the existing “nonnavigable houseboats,” but prohibited new ones going forward.

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