TVA proposes to change the land use allocations for six parcels of public land on Watts Bar Reservoir, affecting a total of 226 acres of TVA land in Rhea and Roane counties in east Tennessee.

In February 2009, TVA issued the Watts Bar RLMP for managing its public lands on the reservoir. In April 2012, TVA completed the Kingston Recovery Project Land Management Plan that allocated land use zones to 143.6 acres of reservoir property impacted by the ash spill; this plan supplemented the 2009 RLMP.  Since the 2009 and 2012 planning efforts, TVA has identified six parcels on Watts Bar Reservoir for proposed land use allocation changes warranting an amendment to the 2009 RLMP.

RLMPs guide land use approvals, private water use facility permitting, and resource management decisions on TVA-managed public land.  Any proposed development or activity on public land will be subject to TVA approval pending the completion of a site-specific environmental review to evaluate the potential environmental effects of the proposal. As necessary, TVA would impose any necessary mitigative measures as conditions of approval for the use of public lands to minimize adverse environmental effects.

Additional and historical information can be found at the Watts Bar Land Management Plan website at: Watts Bar Reservoir Land Mangement Plan.

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